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epic games store

  1. Dark Drakan


    The kung-fu action game where every death ages your character has recently recieved a new gameplay trailer which looks interesting. From Developers Sloclap who developed martial arts fighting game Absolver. Sifu launches on PS4, PS5 and PC via Epic Games Store Feb 22nd 2022.
  2. Dark Drakan


    Recently downloaded Subnautica as its free on the Epic Games store to download and keep if you download it by Christmas Day. I havent actually played it yet but heard loads of good things about it (also 97% overwhelming positive rating on Steam) so grab it while you have the chance if you are...
  3. Gikoku

    Shenmue 3 Confirmed AND Funded!

    14 YEARS!! 14 GODDAMN YEARS! FINALLY. SHENMUE ****ING 3. You can laugh, but I actually almost cried when Yu Suzuki walked out on stage and delivered the news for Kickstarter last night, and it didn't even take long for it to happen! This game single-handedly revolutionized the landscape for...