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fable 3

  1. E

    Fable 3 Co-op Achievements

    Anyone still need help with the achievements. I can help with money and weapons as well as the Xbox Live ones. My GT is Echo#8568
  2. WSProductions

    New fan made Fable series - ALBION: The Old Kingdom

    So in anticipation for (more than likely) Fable IV, the community that I run has started up a new Fable audio series that takes place during the Old Kingdom. We have an incredibly talented and passionate cast on board, who want to bring light to a compelling timeline in the Fable universe. Here...
  3. T

    Stuck in the floor

    I was doing the quest The Weight of the World and while dispatching the bandits in the tavern my character did a fancy move and is now stuck in the floor. I can't go back to the sanctuary, I can only access the save/load menu. I can't all but I can shoot my gun. So I tried killing the tavern...
  4. N

    Fable 2 / Fable 3 Chicken suit & Dolls set

    Wondering if anyone has the chicken suit and dolls set on Fable 2 and is willing to gift them to my account or invite me for the achievements; In return i’ll gift all legendary weapons on Fable 3. {And outfits if needed.} Thnx. *First post unsure if this is in the right place.*
  5. W

    Co-op partner on

    Hi guys, I want to complete all achievments connected with co op in fable 3. My gamertag is Wafel808.
  6. Megs

    Live achievements xb360

    In need of help with these live achievements. Looking for the marriage, having a child and business partnership. If anyone if willing that would be amazing I have both male and female heroes