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fable anniversary

  1. M

    Hi im stuck in my game and i need help

    Can someone help im at the mission where his mom is in jail
  2. ventusstrife

    Cbox and FA?

    Anyone managed to get Chocolate Box working with Anniversary? Tried setting it up myself, but its giving me trouble.
  3. S

    Some help with Fable Explorer please?

    Ok, so I redownloaded Fable Anniversary this week, and ended up looking into the modding scene after all these years. After scouring Google off and on for two days, I found out about Fable Explorer (was initially trying to find a way to remove scars, since I managed to get a super ugly one...
  4. lee

    Xbox-X enhanced Fable Anniversary

    My friend has been banging on about his new version of Fable Anniversary on Xbox X with the new upgraded graphics for a few weeks now. Apparently it has nine times more pixels, sharper textures, better frame rate and quicker loading times from the original Anniversary edition on 360. I popped...
  5. J

    Bright Plate Armor

    I have researched all over the internet looking for Bright Plate Armor for Fable Anniversary. Evidently, it is readily available in the Arena. But if you were unfortunate enough to not know the importance of this armor at the time, or did not have the money for it, you can NEVER get back into...
  6. Zarkes

    Celebrate Fable on Xbox One

    Fable Anniversary has come to Xbox One, If you have purchased these games in the store they will already be available for download! So yah, relive the adventure once more!