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  1. Dark Drakan

    Two Point Hospital

    Sega have revealed that 20 years later we have a spiritual successor to Theme Hospital on the way & former Lionhead & Bullfrog (Fable/Theme Park & Theme Hospital) developers are on board too.
  2. Dark Drakan

    Former Lionhead man reveals tactics studio used to deal with troll

    According to former community director at Lionhead (and former lurker here :P) Sam van Tilburgh. Addressing an audience at BAFTA, he revealed just how the UK studio dealt with a group of online trolls who threatened to release potentially damaging screenshots of the original Fable during the...
  3. Dark Drakan

    Peter Molyneux yearns to make Fable 4

    Former Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux says he'd "love to" work on a new Fable game & still thinks it’s crazy that Fable 4 isn’t being made. In an interview with GamesRadar, the developer was asked if he thought there might be a Fable 4 and he said "I would love to do Fable 4, and the studio tried...