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  1. Dark Drakan


    Recently downloaded Subnautica as its free on the Epic Games store to download and keep if you download it by Christmas Day. I havent actually played it yet but heard loads of good things about it (also 97% overwhelming positive rating on Steam) so grab it while you have the chance if you are...
  2. Dark Drakan


    StormCube Games have announced a new RTS title inspired by the classic 90's RTS titles like Dune 2 & Command & Conquer series. It is set for release on Steam on 16th December & as a HUGE RTS fan im hoping its good. ABOUT Reconquest is a real-time strategy game with the classic mechanics of the...
  3. Dark Drakan

    Elite: Dangerous

    Elite: Dangerous confirmed for Xbox One It has been confirmed that the PC space title will be coming to Xbox One in the Summer and includes all content added to the PC version by February's Community Goals content update and March's Wings content update. David Braben from Frontier had the...
  4. Dark Drakan

    No Mans Sky by Hello Games

    One of the games that interested me the most at VGX this year and seemed to come out of nowhere. It has generated quite a buzz since its announcement even though it is only being developed by a 4 man development team from London known as Hello Games (Joe Danger). Incredibly ambitious for such a...