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  1. Dark Drakan

    V Rising

    Came across a game this morning that has gotten people talking and it is being described as vampiric Valheim by RockPaperShotgun. It is an early access, open world survival game (like countless before it). However after the success of Valheim it seems that so far this is being well recieved by...
  2. Dark Drakan


    I saw this game crop up randomly when searching and thought it looked interesting from the trailer. I saw the terms 'Early Access' and 'Survival' and red flags popped up with how many of them there are (most are rubbish). The GFX are nothing to write home about and are pretty basic but the...
  3. Dark Drakan


    Only recently been looking into this and DayZ but both have a great concept that intrigues me, my laptop wont run either of them I bet but when I get a PC these are the sort of games that will top my list of first purchases. Games like these that have great attention to detail, realism and...