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Computer restarts when playing Fable?


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Sep 30, 2010
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Computer restarts when playing Fable?

OK. I've had Fable: The Lost Chapters for quite a while now. Thing is, when I first got it it worked fine. I'd been able to play it without any trouble. However I havn't played it for several months.

Last night I finally started to play again. I got through all the intros fine, the save game was loaded. I heard a few sounds of the area before my computer restarted itself. I tried again. The same. I then tried making a new game. I got through the beginning storytelling part but when it tried to get into the game my computer restarted again.

So I decided to reinstall the game, bar my saved games. (I'm not giving those up. I hope I don't need to) It still won't work. I'm guessing it would have to be the video card, right? However while my video card is an old one, it plays other games fine and used to play Fable fine.

What could be the problem? What else can I try?

EDIT: It's alright! I worked it out by reverting an update my graphics card. Hope I don't have a craving to play Portal any time soon.