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How to create Huge Shortage in Fable 2


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Jan 20, 2021
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So I just completed the Stranded quest, for the Hero of Skill arc...
I have bought over 300 weapons.. and I'm waiting for a Huge Shortage from Bowerstone Market's Blacksmith..

I had a 5 star economy, but I lowered it to 1 star.. and I'm building it back up to 5 stars..

So far besides the scripted shortage when you get back from the spire.. I've had no Huge Shortages.. I've had several Massive sales, a couple big sales..

Btw my personal preference is the Huge Shortage in bowerstone market..

I've even go so far as to change all the furniture in the town from 4 and 5 stars to 1 and 2 star furniture, and back again..

currently all houses are set to 100% less rent.. and shops are 60% less rent..

when there is a Huge Shortage in the Bowerstone Blacksmith I'll sell it.. cause I'll make a lot of money that way.

I know I could easily sell the stuff to the traders in Fairfax Gardens.. but I want to have fun making money, and I'm also curious to how much I'll make..
Making a ton of money is also a game in itself.. (even if you don't have anything to buy with it.)

Thank you for any help that you can give..

in short, "how to create shortages"
thank you. ^_^