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Replaying Fable 3


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Jan 4, 2009
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So I got the old 360 out and once again im playing fable 3.

I was surprised to see a reasonable amount of people across the US and UK still playing this game actively,

And I was actually able to acquire the weapons I desired through trade. ( the swinging sword and dragonstomper .48)

I am right now in mourningwood after the battle at the soldier outpost.

It is tons of fun having powerful weapons to fight these enemies and only require 2 shots from the gun or a few swings from the sword.

As a fable game, I still think it is the weakest of the 3, and is very similar to how the snes donkey kong country games were:

1 is classic and awesome
2 is the best of the series, adding more content, more features, and amplifying the first game dramatically
3 takes a bunch of these features away and tries some new things that sound good on paper but weren't executed to the best of their ability.

For instance, the 5 tier system of fable 2 is gone.

From food, to furniture to weapons to homes, fable 2 had 1 star being poor quality to 5 star being excellent.

For example, 1 star apples would be rotten. But a 5 star apple would be golden.

1 star furniture would be broken, 5 star furniture is luxury.

1 star weapons are rusty, 5 star weapons are master or legendary.

Instead, in fable 3 we only see this still prevalent with the furniture.

They traded slow time and summoning spells for potions, the weapons are technically all legendary, but some are harder and next to impossible to find ( like chickenbane, dragonstomper .48, the swinging sword, and Jack's Hammer)

And a good portion of the clothes were disappointing and I found that I had to mix and match to make something look interesting.

The black dye was missing and required dlc to purchase,

There were no more luxury homes ( like brightwood tower, Fairfax Castle, Bloodstone Manor or The Cemetary Mansion) associated with quests.

The closest attempts were the sunset house and Reaver's mansion in Millfields, and neither house could be lived in despite purchasing them.

The only weapons that truly morph depending on your play style are the starter weapons IE the Hero's weapons ( sword, hammer, pistol and rifle)

Not to mention they nerfed axes, katanas, cutlass, Greataxes, Maces, blunderbuss, crossbows, and every version of such ( clockwork, flintlock, turret ect)

Your hero can no longer produce will on his own and requires gauntlets to help conjure spells

They added a lot of filler fetch quests to make up for the lack of interesting quests aside from the main story,

And the map is just bloody awful in comparison to fable 2.

Remember when each map location had four to 5 unique spawn points?

Like wraithmarsh had twinblades tomb, bloodstone road, the bridge overpass where oakvale was, the cullis gate where you spawn in from brightwood.

Now, the game spawns you wherever it wants, unless you target a demon door or your home.

They also took away some interesting combat features.

I miss the dextrous style of skill that allowed you to target individual parts of an enemies body, allowing headshot after headshot if you chose.

Melee also allowed for very interesting sword fights.

Now, you get a gun flourish or a sword flourish. That's it.

To say some nice things: spell weaving is cool

The dragonstomper .48 has been on my mind since fable 2 and the graphics look great.

The online multiplayer was vastly improved, and being able to interact with npcs like hugging, kissing and hand holding was interesting.

Choosing a wedding location was also cool.

They touched on fable 2's experiences with bowerstone old town and oakfield being physically altered with the player's decisions when it came to a few decisions as the monarch. Like altering aurora, mistpeak and millfields.

I would have liked to see more karma based decisions in quests, because between letting the mercenary live or die in the beginning to the point where you become king, there are no dramatic decisions that need to be made that alter your character or the world around you.

It would have been also nice to see your dog alter their appearance like it did in fable 2.

Instead they added a dog pack, with a stupid clockwork dog and a poodle.

Husky's and Dalmatians are no more.

A lot of the dyes dont actually alter your clothes that much as they should like in fable 2.

In the grand scheme of it all, there was roughly a 4-5 year gap between the development of fable 1 and 2. Whereas there was only a 2 year gap between 2 and 3.

And it is extremely noticeable that lionhead wanted to pump out a game asap.

It is not a bad game by any means. I enjoy playing it. It has replay value, and when you are out killing bandits, and balverines and hobbes it feels like a fable game.

But having said that, it isnt up to par with the other two, and after playing it for a few hours I keep noticing minor flaws stack up that make me want to play 1 or 2.

Also, I miss experience orbs. When did guild seals not become a teleportation/ communication device but a form of earning experience? :(

If anyone shares the same thoughts or has something to add, let me know.

I would also be interested in playing fable 2 or 3 with some members here