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The Sculptor (Semi) Game Breaking Glitch


Hero of Skill
Jan 4, 2009
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So I invest many hours into my new profile.

Do the cursed snowglobe, cursed skull, knothole island stuff, Get the red dragon and judges steel and all the equipment that I want and upgrade my hero to the perfect point in the game ( right before crucible) and I unlock the brightwood, fairfax garden and westcliff statue plinths. Decide before my crucible fight Ill get those 3 statues done for more renown.

The sculptor when I hold A to start she not only doesnt talk but also A does nothing as I hold it.

If I try to leave the entirety of Oakfield is in cutscene mode so I cant fast travel, run or pull my weapons out. If I walk to rookridge it works again but Oakfield is now forever in Cut scene if I decide to go back. As well as never will I be able to erect statues.

Here is where I must decide if its worth finishing or starting over....

Or just stop playing out of frustration.