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Zombies of Mass Destruction

Relinquished Reality

Mutilation for Cats!
Feb 4, 2010
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Zombies of Mass Destruction is filled with humour, intensity, amazing acting, awesome effects, and people being eaten alive by blood thirst zombie. The movie is about a couple named Thomas and Lance and Tom came back to his home town on this island to tell him mum he was gay. During their visit, a zombie apocalypse begins and the guys and this one other girl fight against the zombies as they are being attacked by many different struggles.

The film is violent, filled with gore and peoples faces being eaten off, and there is not too much or too little comic relief. Its all very well put together and I loved it. I would defiantly recommended it to any zombie movie lover. It was awesome, funny, and gory.

The only cons I can really think of is pretty opinion oriented aspects of the movie.
1. there is a twisted and mocking veiwpoint on christians
2. a small bit of hate is expressed towards the gay couple
3. lots of blood is used and some people may not like it because it may seem to be unrealistic to them

It was very well put together and I'd recommended it for anyone who wouldn't get scared by bodies being ripped up and mutilated and eaten.

I give it a Jupiter and its moons of Doots!