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Apr 23, 2017
May 10, 2009
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Bower Lake


Fabled Pirate, from Bower Lake

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Apr 23, 2017
    1. Dentie
      Its free to play but for somethings you need to pay
    2. Dentie
      you play Free Realms?? i played it but it was stupid that you couldnt do much without paying :P
    3. Steve
      Hey Milycious! Sorry about the late response! I'm currently not offering any advertising deals at the moment but I'll definitely keep you in mind if I decide to get back into it.

      Thanks for the comments about my living room by the way! I'm kinda hoping to get round to replacing the current ones because my living room was messy as hell when I took those ones; we don't normally keep spare 360s spread across the floor and pictures hanged crooked. Promise! :PA

      A Mirror's Edge print would be very nice, though, shame I don't really have any space left on my walls to accommodate. :(
    4. Fabled Ravrn
      Fabled Ravrn
      Only 34 days, 5 hours, and 15 mins to go ^^!
    5. plastic
    6. Fabled Ravrn
      Fabled Ravrn
      Hey! Just wanted to say that it's pretty cool to have your own MMORPG. It must be ten times harder then running a forum :P.

      I guess you're about as familiar with these forums as I am, or better )probably better), but, I'll say welcome anyway...WELCOME!

      I look forward to the release of your MMORPG (which I will not say the name as 20 other words pop up in a google search ^^).

      Good luck!
    7. Steve
      Heeeeello there! Sorry about the late reply, mate! Welcome to the F2 Forum and good to hear you read the rules. I'm liking you already! :P
    8. plastic
      oh wow. that's crazy, you should check him out sometime if you're a reader. RaymondFeistBooks.com
    9. plastic
      hey what's up? i was going around looking for some answers for Fable 2 and saw one of your comments but what piqued my interest is the image below(not too sure if its like a signature because im fairly new on here). Where did you get Milamber from? Do you read Feist?
    10. Arseface
      These things happen.
    11. ScareCrowReturn
      Ooo You bet it is! Haha.

      Love Bad Fur Day!
    12. Dark Drakan
      Dark Drakan
      Thanks very much, its much appreciated. ^_^
    13. ScareCrowReturn
      Nope, Never heard of them haha.

      Well someone better not be out there and Stealing my NAME!!!
    14. Zjuggernaut
      I'm guessing you make all of your own graphics and code the forums?
    15. Zjuggernaut
      It's pretty awesome. I've always wanted to run a forum. Don't have the money too. I'm only 15, you see.
    16. ScareCrowReturn
      Oh I see, Fair enough.

      Ooo, What other Forums or Community like things are you joinned to?
    17. Zjuggernaut
      It says the server is to busy?
    18. Zjuggernaut
      Cool. Do you plan on running a forum too? For the game, you see.
    19. Zjuggernaut
      Lol. Well, yeah. As I was saying, if you need anything to do with the website or whatever, I can try and help ^_^.
    20. Trawgdor
      Ohh yeah. :P
      Too bad I live in Washington... >.<
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