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    Multiplayer experience

    I haven't played a lot of No man's sky multiplayer but yeah I do remember joining a random player's game when i finished all the story, and the other player was just starting. But correct me if I'm wrong the only quest that you can share simultaneously are the quest from the freighter terminal...
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    Multiplayer experience

    Well not really, sorry I feel like I didn't explain myself correctly. Yes character progression (stats, skills, exp, gear) would always be yours, and carry back to your own game. However if we assume that your choices does change the world around you, then the only missions available would be...
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    Multiplayer experience

    Yeah I like that type of experience too and I'm all for not having to stick with your friends if you want to do your own thing. I guess it depends on what features from Fable they want to bring back. For example if your choices impact the world and the people around you in a significant way...
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    Multiplayer experience

    If we look at what Eurogamer said "We've heard the new Fable is planned as a story and character-focussed open-world action RPG" then I think we can put aside the possibility of a full multiplayer game or even a destiny/division type of experience. I actually wouldn't mind them experimenting...
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    Fable 4 or Fable (reboot)?

    If playground are making a fable game, one of their first decision regarding story and lore is to decide between making Fable 4 or Fable (reboot). If they make Fable 4, they'll simply pick a timeline within the lore and expand upon it. If it's a full reboot that would enable them to have much...
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    Playground Games continues hiring spree for RPG rumored to be Fable

    It's great to see that they're hiring talented devs, but from I've seen they only seem to be in the programming and art depart. I'm looking forward to see if they hire game designers and level designers with the same quality background. Because I'm sure that the game & level designers who...