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  • Just noticed you were online and hadnt spoken to you for AGES so thought id drop you a message and ask how things were. ^_^
    Hey SBN! Sorry for the late reply, man! We just added completely new ranks and classes to the DMC Forum and this one is next. I'll probably be making a thread this evening for suggestions and stuff :D

    How's it going anyway?
    Hey there sexy, you should dump your girlfriend and get with me.
    I could show you a good time.
    I got lots of games to play too, Far Cry 2 which i havent really played yet and then Fallout 3 comes tomorrow or Friday... so many games such little time.
    Enjoying it so far, just doing as many sidequests and such as i can before i progress any further in the story. Only done couch co-op so far to try it out. Think Markies boyfriend Justin joined my game earlier but i was just switching it off. :lol:
    I want to see you right now.
    If I had the gas, I'd go. hahahaha.
    Well they did say perhaps it would be patched...but to be honest, couch co-op isn't something that grabs me so much coz invariably the camera screws up - if it's anything like Viva Pinata 2 or Little Big Planet's co-op mode, they'll not be able to handle the independent movement of each player so well. I like the idea of jumping into someone else's world, murdering their family and stealing their wife - but if the camera is going to annoy me then I'd rather not do it too often.

    What's bugging me in the reviews is the comparisons to Oblivion and Mass Effect and how the game isn't "hardcore" enough when Peter has said over and again that he wants to include casual gamers - plus Fable, Oblivion and ME are not comparable, in my opinion. But what do I know? I'm just an evil cross dressing murderer :D

    Just hope our copy isn't going to be too late...I want to be able to read the Fable 2 discussion area again without everything being spoilt for me :lol:
    Hey man. Yeah, I got your PMs! Sorry about not replying yet. My notifications thingy has been going mental for the last hour and I only just managed to get through the last 24 hours of posts (had like a million tabs up for each thread. :P). I wanted to make sure I was finished with everything else before I responded to your PM. Bear with me! xx
    Well you two look pretty set so that's great :D

    I wasn't even into Gears until a couple of weeks ago when Steve nagged me to try it properly on co-op and I'm not actually too bad at it once I stop being all female and squealing about how I'm going to die :lol:

    As for Fable 2, well I'm keeping out of the Fable 2 area of this site on purpose so it doesn't get spoiled for me...I'm so looking forward to being an evil cross dressing murderer :D
    Sounds it :D Our copy of F2 is going to be a little late coz they ran out of copies where we preordered but hopefully it won't be longer than a couple of weeks past the UK release day. Taking a look at Fallout 3 right now too - looks quite interesting and something to keep me occupied for a while until GoW turns up...

    Yeah, I'm glad you found your girl too - makes a change when they aren't shagging your friends behind you back, doesn't it? And the two of you are clearly very much into each other so it's about time you had this for yourself :D
    Busy - just got back from a weekend away with my sister and then had my dad on the phone going on and on and on about work (I work for him) and how I now have a new job to add to my ever-expanding list of responsibilities. But I get paid extra so not complaining. Much :lol:

    Other than that, I've just got mini-flu and waiting for all these games to come in the post so I can ignore society and play them to death - roll on Gears of War 2 :D

    How about your good self? And your lady is just adorable - she really is :D
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