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  • Hey, Yeah i relized that you were a guy after I looked at your photo. :D

    Hahaha sorry!

    So whats it like being Gay? I've never really talked to a gay person before, I was just wondering what its like.. I guess its exactly the same as a straight person but feelings for a male... right?

    Were you always Homosexual?

    Sorry if these questions offend you.
    I am an FPS and puzzle/Mirrors Edge style man, I prefer FPS games jsut because usually they are quick to finish, really the only FPS I love (I have played ALOT of FPS games) are Halo, CoD, F.E.A.R and Half-Life... As for running/puzzle games, I REALLY wanna try Mirrors Edge, I heard it is repetative, but I still wanna try XD.
    Can't say I am glad, but XD...

    Gosh, I love that Celtic song in the We Are ODST trailer, but Bungie hasn't released their version.
    Nom eh? That's pretty funny stuff! I usually do ye olde Michael Jackson "Ow!" or "Chamone!" anything that comes to mind really, or I just shout abuse.
    Hey Bro, I watched your Panic Attack video on Youtube and the ones thing I noticed was that you activate Overdrive with a Pig Squeal?

    You've also got a pretty deep voice for a 14 year old, I thought you were a Tenor? ^_^
    Ew I hate jocks, I'm the one that always doesn't get dressed for gym class.
    I need you to deflect DarkenedSoul with your sexual orientation. Sorry if it sounds rude/offensive, but I'm not gay.
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