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TRA Rotid
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Nov 30, 2015 at 10:57 AM
Jul 17, 2006
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Oct 12, 1989 (Age: 26)
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Depth of field

TRA Rotid

Päris geenius, 26, from Depth of field

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Viewing forum list, Nov 30, 2015 at 10:57 AM
    1. White_Howler
      Well, our theories may be more similar then you think. Your force of nature could be my very same super-subconscious. Perhaps it is even the sub-conscious of all living things that works together like a web of spiritual conscious. All living things working together, even without know, as pieces of the giant machine known as the universe!

      To me it just makes sense, nature is like clockwork, humans are like clockwork.Everything runs and works becuase other things cause them to work. It's based on cause and effect.
    2. Recycled Human
      Recycled Human
      I actually spoke with her about it, she said from some previous bad experiences she's become a bit hesitant about sharing herself with others openly. I don't blame her but I'm glad to see she has found some of her confidence. Though in truth I wouldn't be able to say anything if I hadn't heard her really inspiring story! YOU ARE NOW MY FRIEND!
    3. Recycled Human
      Recycled Human
      I'm just glad I didn't **** people off! But I do thank you, all I want to convey is that not all Christians try and condemn everyone else for not believing.

      PS. I love trees too.
    4. Tsuyu
      Furries ruin everything!

      Just kidding, that's pretty awesome.
    5. HobbeBrain
      Thanks for the post on the roleplay ;)
    6. Skorm's Son
      Skorm's Son
      Ha, yeah I'm one of the first few hundred members I think. ;)
      Blu Phoenix.....I remember her. xD

      Yeah it's alot different. Has ALOT more members too.
    7. Skorm's Son
      Skorm's Son
      haha yeah havent been on in a WHILE

      been workin
    8. Tsuyu
      Aaaaaah! You killed my rep. page! >_>
    9. Tsuyu
      Huh? Wha...?
    10. HobbeBrain
      I intro'd you. You can go post on the thread now.
    11. HobbeBrain
      Sure, just say I let you join.
    12. HobbeBrain
    13. Walker
      DAMNIT. Latvia. Lithuania is the red-green-gold. Tried to get it without checking and I was wrong.
    14. Walker
      All I got was the bit where they actually SAID "Latvia." I expect that they were also saying the other-- allow me to cut myself off. I also caught the "Lieutva" and "Baltija" bits. Estonia I missed. But it was very odd. Don't know why it was so... entrancing.

      I dunno, music can sound good even when the "words" are complete nonsense (see [URL]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FcUi6UEQh00[/URL]). Plus, I approve of anything that lets me see that many flags. Though I spent two minutes going-- what? black and white bicolor? Who? Before I went, oh, duh, burgundy/maroon/whatever and white. Lithuania.
    15. Walker
      I see. Interesting. But very odd for my poor monolingual self.
    16. Walker
      No comprendo. Yo hablo solo en ingles.

      Um... sure... epic. Why was all the footage seemingly from the eighties? A disturbingly catchy unintelligible song, though.
    17. Walker
      Possibly. There are a lot of characters with that mask. Most of them ripoffs of the original, seeing as it started sometime in the 40s. I never read it, but there was a cartoon for awhile over here, and a movie.
    18. Walker
      Sounds interesting...
    19. Walker
      I've heard of it, yeah. Just never saw it. Looking at the image, yeah, I realized it was a Ah-nold flick, just wasn't sure what it had to do with anything.

      Hmmm... maybe it was about how incredibly studly and well-armed we all are? (Hey, it's fun to play "arrogant American." It's even better than "ignorant American.")
    20. Walker
      Nope. Are you older than me? I just looked and it came out in 1985-- five years before I was born. Hell, I don't watch that many movies that DO come out in my lifetime.

      I did see Predator, though, so I guess me being alive for its production doesn't matter. Depends on whether it comes on TV when someone is channel-surfing who'll actually stop on it. And I'm not off reading.
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    Oct 12, 1989 (Age: 26)
    Home page:
    Depth of field
    Drawing, Painting, Reading, making Music, Writing


    Teal'c: There is an old Jaffa saying, General Hammond. "They do not build them as they once did."​
    O'Neill: "So what's your impression of Alar?"​
    Teal'c: "That he is concealing something."​
    O'Neill: "Like what?"​
    Teal'c: "I am unsure... he is concealing it."​