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After the battle

Discussion in 'Fable III Help' started by Vaderswifey87, Nov 8, 2018.

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  1. Vaderswifey87

    Vaderswifey87 New Member

    I love Fable and enjoyed 3 but was shocked how fast the battle comes when you become King/Queen. They show you how many days you have until the fight and how much money you need and how many casualties there will be, but then all a sudden it says 121 days and then BOOM its there. I could only gain 2m after keeping all my promises and doing the right things in the storyline, buying everything and charging the highest rent was the fastest way to gain money and it totally works as long as you keep repairing your houses they keep paying it. But still the battle happened so fast I guess the only way is to avoid the missions until the money adds up. When you do you daily duities it seems the days go by way faster than just 1 day. Its supposed to take a year. Which i know would not actually take a year, duh. And so I won the battle and still had 2M$ but after the battle all the money was gone anyways and it seemed like most everyone was dead. Noone was at the shops and the stores wouldnt open. Of course you can still make friends and do all the requests and make ppl fall for you. But can't buy supplies from any of the shops because they won't open. Had anyone actually made the 6M it says you need before the battle and what happened to all the ppl after you win?

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