Are the books worth reading?


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So Christmas has come and gone, and though most of my money is going to have to go to insurance payments and the like (The joys of being an American property owner), I should have a few dollars to spare afterwards. I've always wanted to get my hands on the Fable books but seeing as how money is not a limitless resource at present I wanted to ask if they are any good. So, are they? Is the writing style nice? The plot? Come on, I need advice here!
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I haven’t read any of them but there are some reviews for them here if you want to see which of them might appeal to you.
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I also don't have any ideas about these, but I also saw a large demand for these books on Reecoupons, because people also gave good reviews on them, I hope these are good that's why people wanna read. I am also thinking to buy it from there after reading will tell you my experience.
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