Assassin Attacks


Rattus Rattus
We all know that Twinblade gets mad and sends weak assassins after you if you don't kill him. The thing is I'm wondering how to get them off your back. I'm trying to get that treasure clue you get when you complete it.


Rattus Rattus
Try using Force Push. Or Assassin's Rush. That way, they will all converge in Twinblade's Face and you could get an easy access to his low-armored backside..
Oh no I'm not talking about how to kill him because I already did that. It's just that there's a quest with assassins hired by either Twinblade or his loyal servants. I know the locations and everything I just can't complete it when I kill all of them.


There are five assassins to kill. Here they are in no particular order.

The Prison Path; You will find this disciple of Onan about halfway down the path. One down, four to go.

The top of the windmill on Windmill Hill; Just climb the stairs to the roof of the windmill. He will then charge up the stairs to engage you.
Two down, three to go.

The next two can be found on Witchwood Island. The third assassin will attack you when you wait behind the Witchwood Focus Site. Wait a minute or two, then he will attack.
Three down, two to go.

The fourth assassin will meet you after you cross the bridge near the Hidden Copse demon door, just before Knothole Glade itself.
Four down, one to go.

The final fool will try to sucker punch you when you go round the back of the Hook Coast town bell.

Killing each assassin yields a reward, such as gold, doll of you, etc. Kill them all, and you will receive a gold reward from the Guild, and a treasure clue.

I hope this helps. Happy hunting!