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Best pistoland strongest weapon in game by DPS?

Discussion in 'Fable III' started by BlinkingStalker, Dec 31, 2010.


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  1. BlinkingStalker

    BlinkingStalker New Member

    So I've read that the strongest pistol is a tie between chickenbane and dragonstomper .48. I went ahead and tested both of them out and it seems dragonstomper is better. However, I found out that neither of them are stronger than the Ice maiden. I think it has to do with the shockgun spray combined with flame augment cuz I've tried other shockguns without flame and they're not impressive. Anyways I took some notes comparing the three. I have all three weapons maxed out in augments.

    Ice maiden
    112 (97+15 aug) damage
    Flame damage
    Shotgun spray

    Dragonstomper .48
    129 (111+18 aug) damage
    Flame damage
    Earn guild seals faster (irrelevant)

    134 (110+12*2 aug) damage
    10% Knockback chance (irrelevant but useful in combat)

    Here are the test results. I did multiple trials and tried to isolated enemies for accurate results. Used slow time potions when I needed to.

    The way it's formated is name of enemy, shots needed to kill with ice maiden, then dragonstomper, follwed by chickenbane. All shots fired were normal unflourished shots.

    Sentinel: 3, 10, 16
    Dark minion: 1-2, 1, 2
    Sand furies: 1, 2, 2-3
    White balvarine: 2, 3, 5
    Normal balvarine: 1, 2, 3
    Mercenary leader: 1, 3, 4
    Normal mercenary: 1, 1, 2
    Hollowman leader: 1, 3, 4
    Hollowman with steel helmets: 1, 1, 2
    Mage or redshirt Hobbes: 1, 1, 1-2

    So the results show the ice maiden dominating in almost every category. Also note that the ice maiden is most effective at short to medium ranges, at longer ranges it may take an extra shot. This is obviously cuz it's a shotgun. For the other two guns they work same at all ranges. The way I see it, flame damage is not a constant damage modifier. Certain enemies are weak to fire and get hurt by it more. The dark minion is probably resistant to fire so the ice maiden was not most effective against it. But you now ask how is the ice maiden's flame augment anything special since the dragonstomper has it too. I think what happens is that the shotgun spray has every bullet add on flame damage. It looks like only one bullet from a shotgun is used for damage (or it'd be 112*7 damage). So one shot will do one shots damage to one enemy, though shotgun spray allows you to hit multiple enemies. But I think every shot from the shotgun fire does do flame damage so if all 7 shots hit an enemy at close range it does 112 damage plus 7 times the flame damage. I doubt all 7 shots hit a single enemy unless it's shot next to them but still 3-4 extra flame damage is a lot. Also explains why the ice maiden is less effective at longer ranges; the gun hits them but only one or two bullets so less flame damage added on.

    I tested other shotguns without any flame damage and they shoot like normal guns, nothing impressive, so if an enemy is hit by multiple shotgun bullets on one shot, it is ony damaged once by normal damage, the number you see on the gun.

    I tested to see how shotgun spray worked. All guns with the shotgun spray augment are already shotguns. They start with firing 5 bullets per shot and when you unlock the augment it becomes 7. I tested this by firing into the sand in aurora and counting the bullet holes.

    One last note on flame and shock damage augments:
    No ones sure how they work but multiple sources claim it's dependent on enemy resistances and weaknesses. I've come to the same conclusion through my testing. For me it seems flame damage is added each time, but I'm not sure about shock damage. I've not tested that extensively but I do see the shock stun effect happen about 10% of the time. Not sure if only on those hits are shock damage applied or is it applied every time with a chance to stun. I know the shock spell itself is a damage over time spell and you can see enemies stunned by the shock and dying after a bit. If anyone can bring insight on shock damage it would be appreciated.

    As for the weapon with greatest damage per second. I think ice maiden spam shots is best since it's a pistol and fast and the shotgun spray allows you to hit multiple targets. It's like spamming the red dragon pistol in Fable 2.

    So I hope this thread brought information to people and ends the debate of dragonstomper vs chickenbane. The answer to that is dragonstomper but the best pistol is ice maiden. I wrote this thread on iPhone so hopefully there weren't too many spllig errors. I hate iPhone typing. Also I've had issues with this forum before on iphone where it forces me to post a poll with the thread so ignore the poll if you see one.
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