Better items in shops


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It can depend on the economy of a town and also how often you are shopping there for a particular item. Your best bet for really good items is outside Fairfax where all the posh people mill about - sleep for a few days or travel about a while and then at some point, the shops and vendors should restock and the decent stuff will turn up.

Failing that, see if someone will perhaps trade you a turret pistol on XBL.


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Thank you, I shop pretty much exclusively in Bowerstone, but I'll try Fairfax.
XBL is out atm :(
I guess I'm still pretty early into the game, but I'm getting some other good steel stuff, so hoping for a turret pistol soon.

EDIT: Found one in Fairfax Gardens. Thanks!


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I can't help you with recommending any shop, where you can sell good items!
I only know good store, where i visit for purchase all my good, but i never try to sell anything there.

But here i will advice you to take google help. I am sure, you will got nice list of online store, where you can sell your items easily.