Buying any and all DLC Add On Items!


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Thanks for reading, I've JUST (finally) signed up to Gold Membership, and would love to try out the trading feature.

I don't have any of the add on content, so I'd love to hear from any kind souls who'd like to sell, trade, or even donate any items they don't use!

Anything from Hal's gear, to 'Knothole Island' junk, to 'See the Future' bits and bobs.
(even if it's just a rotting pair of gloves)

Thanks, & I look forward to hearing from thee, fellow Fablers!... ^_^


well forget the hal armor as you will never get that and i can trade you thing in fable 2 as i need red dragon and chopper


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Sorry to burst your bubble, but none of the DLC items can be traded. You have to buy the packs and get them yourself.