Can't teleport in TLC - Fixed


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Hello there.

Long time lover of Fable TLC, I recently purchased it on Steam to run through it again. After some time I ran into a familiar problem I remembered having years earlier : all of a sudden I can't charge my Guild Seal, Cullis gates are off and I can't use my Guild Seal even through the menu. Can not teleport in any way.

I dug around in google and found many others had the same problem. Here's some of the stuff I tried :
  • walking back to the guild to start a new quest
  • ending a currently active new quest
  • completing the recurrent "merchant escort to the Orchard Farm" quest
Non of it worked.

I had just beaten Thunder to marry Lady Grey, next stop was Lychfield Graveyard so I decided to keep going for now.

And that's when it solved itself.

When I entered the Gibbet Woods area my Guild Seal suddently woke up. I also heard multiple lines of the Guildmaster telling me about new quests and such, as if they had queued up until now.
What I think happened is that the game glitched out after I beat Thunder and exited the Demon Door that leads back to the Gibbet Woods. The game must have an ON/OFF switch for teleporting so that the player can't teleport when on a mission. Maybe the switch didn't got back ON when I exited the demon door and revisiting the area fixed the problem.

So if you encounter this glitch try re-visiting some recent areas on foot, maybe it will fix itself out.

I hope this will be of some help. Until then keep listening to the Guildmaster, you don't wanna run out of potions.

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Thanks for the advice and we hope it helps anyone out that may encounter this is future.