Characters' Accents?


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For about the last ten years I've been trying to pinpoint what some of the dialects spoken in this game are for a project. If anyone here from the UK could give me a hand, could you tell me what dialects these are?

-Spire Guards
-Bandits (Irish Brogue, Scottish and someone who sounds like the Youtuber Ashens?)
-Town Guards/Sheriff
-The Abbott (Hammer's father)
-Mr. Blank/Toby (same voice actor)
-Cornelius Grim
-That madman you meet in Wraithmarsh who wants to burn the cage you're in

If anyone can identify these for me, it'd be greatly appreciated.

Dark Drakan

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If anyone has any audio for them I could help I’m sure. Been so long since I played it that I can’t remember what they sounded like. There are a lot of variations of Cockney (London) & Brummie (Birmingham) I remember. Can’t remember what accents they use in game but I know areas some of voice actors are from that might form accent they use in game.

I know Actress who voices Hammer is from Wandsworth London.

Farmer Giles voice actor is from Henley on Thames just outside London.

Barnum voice actor is from Highgate London.