Chicken Suit and Hero Dolls


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This is probably a dead thread but I REALLY would like the chicken suit please.
If there's ANYONE willing to help me out I'd be really grateful

Darth Barzini

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Anyone out there who can lend me a chicken suit? The Fowl Player is my last achievement, and it's so frustrating not being able to unlock it! I'd be happy to return the suit once I have my achievement.
I also really need the chicken suit. Willing to pay gold for it. Can't remember how much gold I have though lol. Please help!!!
Is anyone willing to trade their chicken suit to me? I am willing to trade anything for that suit. Before you ask I don’t have any dolls so please don’t ask to trade for that as I am not able to meet that requirement. Otherwise anything else goes (weapons, gold, etc.)


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I have 1 spare chicken suit. I don't think I can get more though. PM me on XBL. Gamertag = CheTralfara

I am looking for the high roller coat or feign attack expression book.

I can gift the chicken suit and apocalyptic pink dye to someone who wants it, since I have 2 of all of those.