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my greatest accomplishment is having, at one time, married every single woman who would not have pre-marital sex, in every town, and then had an orgie with them and every women who would. i think it was a about 138 woman or something like that.

I also have 3k+ groin shots. I just went around an entire shooting people in the groin. Guards, villagers, wives, bandits, banshees, hollowmen, etc.

another accomplishment was that I gave a beggar 10,000,000 gold


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Crucible= 423
Shootinf range= 203
(this is on my old account. my new account ones arent as good)

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Ohh ohh!! i have 364 deaths xD (this is on a crappy account i made for this purpose only 32 STDS.


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Over 600 stds and probley i think it was something like 390 me and froggy did on the crucible and 240 on the shooting range i think


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I have sacrificed 79 people. And to be honest, I'm so tired of it, that I'll stick in the Temple of Light a while before I aim for 100 executions ^^

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On my main account I just reached 8k groin shots!!! By the end of the week i hope to have about 9,500 but one can only hope:hmm:

I also hope to achieve 16k kills by the end of the week as well.


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Hahaha, I don't have anything really impressive. BUT- I have a girl character who is maxed out in Physique and Accuracy and like -25 fatness. SHE BRUISER. It's hilarious.


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Decapitations: 2038 (could be more if Hobbes, Balvarines, Banshees, Shadows, and Commandants were "decapitateable")
Damage Dealt:10330687
Damage Taken: 41011 (0.40% of damage dealt)

Current Gold: 21222836
Rent Income: 21924

Strength Exp. Earned: 106843 (0.21% of Skill)
Skill Exp. Earned: 5082782
Will Exp. Earned: 332735 (65.4% of Skill)

Number of Children with One Wife: 7
Times had Marital Sex: 79
Other Sex: 0

Furthest Chicken Kick: 12
STDs: 14
Time Played: 148714 (41.3 hours)

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sorry for the spam but I need the "the ruler of albion" achievement and wonder if anyone could give me 2.5 million gold

GT: Road Runnerdn


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My stats seriously suck compared to those:|, never focused on them though.

Crucible just barely under 800, colloseum 21k points, under 100 headshots, under 30 groin shots and 100+ disarming.

Atleast far above maxed pure and good^_^

Owning most shop's & houses just need to get castle Fairfax once I start the game again I should finally have 1mil gold.

Only truly remarkable achievement is 17 meters chicken kick as kid:thumbsup: & 450+ chicken kicks.

I hate chikench.