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Fable 3 Kingmaker

Discussion in 'Fable III' started by Xz Adam zX, Oct 12, 2010.

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  1. Xz Adam zX

    Xz Adam zX New Member

    Hello, I'm hoping that somebody can help me, I have been using the Kingmaker App on my android phone for a few days now gaining money. However I can NOT link my Kingmaker account to my XBOX Live account;

    Welcome we have detected your Kingmaker data, but the Windows Live ID account you are looged in as is not linked to an Xbox Live Gamertag. Logout and login with the Windows Live ID account linked to your gamertag. This can be checked through your Xbox dashboard in the Account Management section

    I know for sure that this is the account linked to my Xbox live account as I use it to sign into the website... anybody else having this problem?
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