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Aug 14, 2016
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Sorry for my bad English can’t help it I did my best. Hey Fable fans just something on the side I would want everyone’s opinion on. I wrote a storyline for Fable 4. Fable 2 and 3 outclass the original because of the graphics and the options you had as a hero (house decoration, children, jobs) but Fable 2 and 3 just had a lack of strong opponents and the classic fable fairy tale creatures like one of the most famous one called trolls (earth troll ice troll stone troll etc.etc) and no heroes to battle. Plus I didn’t like the solo hero ride I liked the feeling of coming back to the guild after you finished a mission. Being there with the people that are like you. When I think of Fable I think of the guild, dark powerful sources, the guild master, the rival you had growing up, having trouble defeating powerful bosses and having a big selection of spells and other powers. That’s why the fall of the heroes in my opinion is the worst decision they made as they removed any future proper enemy’s and friends. Plus it just makes you way to OP as human beings and creatures are no match against a proper hero (reason they decided to end Fable 2 in 1 blow). The only way they’re going to make Fable any challenge is by creating powerful guns or robots (what already happened) which in my opinion just doesn’t belong in the fable game. I personally think that this is what killed the game and decapitated Lionhead. I want the old time setting back of the original fable as I think would not only become a resurrection to the guild and heroes but it would also be a resurrection to the game itself. So here is my story it’s just an idea and a base I would like them to work with they can change whatever they want I’m just giving them ideas as I didn’t make an end and didn’t go to deep into quests of missions. Plus I don’t know if everything is correct as i make up a lot of my own assumptions when i play a game :p. Also if there so scared they can make the first part of my story a dlc of fable 3 or even fable anniversary were the hero basicly has a futher story after the defeat of jack the dragon. I think it would become one of the most hyped releases if they properly market it what i think microsoft can do. Plz tell me what you dont like about the idea I may edit it as I hope we can make a Fan made Fable to get Lionhead and Microsoft back on the map. ( i dont know about you guys but im not looking forward to the londen industrial based fable id like a Albion based fable lol)

Small extra ideas:
-Extra weapons like spears or even claws that you can also throw having a leach connected to it for distance attacks
-Create an arena that has dlc challenges you can do over and over or even a level bases challenge as it get impossible at lets say level 100 ( random )
-Instead letting people play for a day and then let it die out until the next fable they should have a team on making new quests and add a small story-lines while working on the new fable ( doesn't have to be at the end of the game)

As Fable 3 Ends in a war against a war against The Darkness finishing the battle against the Leader of The Darkness Know as The Crawler. The Hero declined most of his promises to safe the land of total destruction. The hero has a bad reputation amongst the people of Albion because of this. Some of understood the sacrifices the hero had to make but the most of the people he had to betray had no comprehension towards the hero. And so a new revolution began and a civil war awakened…

The hero was old and tired from fighting the darkness. He simply just didn’t have to the power to lead his army and to fight the enemy. new technologies appeared and became stronger by the year. At the time the war was on his peak the hero’s powers were no match against the weapons there were being used. Only when he was in his prime he could have easily defeated any of those. When the hero was cornered and about to be killed by his enemy he realized that 1 hero just wasn’t enough on this world. 1 hero would never be enough to keep the balance in the world. At the brief moment the soldier pulled his gun The hero was summoned to the road to rule by Theresa.

Theresa welcomes the hero and tells him that his time is over and heroes were never going to be accepted again. Due the betrayal the hero had to make to safe the land from the darkness. The resurrection of the hero wouldn’t be able to catch up to restore the balance in the world as no human liked the idea of a hero anymore. 1 of his kind wouldn’t be enough to stop or start anything. Humans will lose power tough to a war amongst themselves. Evil will rise and destroy what’s left of the humans on earth. Because of the heroes actions humanity was saved for now but the trust in heroes was over and all would come to an end later. As there is 1 more gate to be opened as his final and last one Theresa tells you can restore the heroes’ arc.

Theresa tells a story about the fall of the heroes and their guild. She calls it the tales of Albion. And the only way too really safe the world is going back in time to your old self at the moment you received the avo’s tear. And then explain the hero from back then what happened and what went wrong. Theresa can put your mind back in time for a brief moment to talk with your former self “The Hero of Oakvale” to explain what needs to be done.

As The Hero explains the story to his former self that in the future heroes will gain a bad reputation as some heroes will join dark forces. Also the guild wouldn’t be the strongest power in Albion due to a lack of new heroes and education for the new apprentices. Because the heroes will gain a bad reputation and have the lack of power a revolution will stand up against the heroes and because of that the heroes will extinct. The extinct will lead to himself being reincarnated to save the world 2 times. The first reincarnation will balance the world as long he is alive. The second reincarnation will safe humanity for then but will fail to bring back the balance for a second time which leading to a un ending war amongst humanity(fable 2 and 3). As humans lose power and the war continues evil will rise and destroy humanity. After that being said and leading to that the Hero of Oakvale knew what needs to be done the hero got brought back to reality and gets shot to death by the soldier. Ending his legacy hoping history will rewrite itself and bring peace and balance to the world and the resurrection of heroes.

(The Hero now is the Hero of Oakvale aka the hero from the original fable saga)

As the hero gets the message when he received his avo’s tear he understands that the fall of heroes began when he was too weak to battle against the heroes that had taken the evil path. These evil foes will not understand that what they’re doing will lead towards their own dead and a war against the heroes that caused the heroes to extinct. He did understand he needed to get full control over the guild when he was still in his prime. He waited the time off until he had the perfect opportunity to gain the control over the heroes’ guild without making too much of a wreck.

And then his chance appeared right in front of him he had to gather 3 hero souls to enter the chamber of faith were Jack was hiding. He took his chance to kill 3 of the most important heroes there were. With all the pain in his heart he slain them to the ground and collected their souls to open the gate that was blocking the way to the chamber of faith. When Thunder, Rose and the guild master were out of the way and jack of blades was defeated… The hero took over control as no one was able to stop him. As the hero worked out his plan he didn’t tell anyone about what would happen in the future as no one would believe it and would see the hero as a mad man. The hero never revealed the story to anyone.

As the hero was on his prime he took control over the guild by force and slayed every hero that was against him on his path. As he showed his power to the whole world by taking out jack and the most powerful heroes in the world… Albion bowed to his wills. Years went by As the Guild gained more heroes and power over the years as of hero got weaker tough age. The hero was aware that this new power would destroy the guild but realized that by the time the evil upon some heroes would arise he would not be strong enough to stop them. He needs a new leader with strength, skill and will as strong as his, there was only one solution. He needed a child…

The hero had found a beautiful woman in his academy which not had much strength or skill but she had a tremendous amount of will as she mastered a lot of spells in the book in less than a few years. Almost faster than himself. This would form into the perfect child to balance to world as he had to battle other heroes it was important he would poses a big amount of will power as that is the best weapon to fight fellow heroes with. After approaching and spending time with her she fell in love. The heroes plan went as planned. The hero got married! And at the same night the woman got pregnant and brought 9 months later a new hero upon the world.

And so a new story begins.

As the young child get raised by his loving mother the father didn’t see the child that often because of the work and missions he joined in as a guild master. 4 years passed by. As the child quickly picked up anything from walking to speaking and reading and writing the hero foresaw this child to become a true genius upon the heroes. As the child was 4 years old he was allowed to join the hero academy. He joined the academy with 10 other students forming 1 class. As the child learns to fight with weapons and gets to practice martial arts he always stood up amongst the others. He outclassed the other children without a sweat. This straight A student was the genius the hero reckoned he/she would be.

As the child of the hero was learning the ways of the hero. The hero tried one time after the other to resurrect the oracle to question if his child would bring this world upon peace and balance. The hero has decided to take a retirement from missions as he getting weaker upon the years and he wanted to focus on the education of his son. He also started to write a book with a seal that only his bloodline their will power could open it. The hero started writing about the problems in the future world in case he would die without the chance of telling the child what needed to be done. So he started to write about the future weapons, and the rise of evil and the revolution against the guild what would lead to humans getting destroyed in the end. And so he explained that the relation with the guild and the law would have to stay in balance for both to survive. He gave the book to a demon door (old friend of the hero) to guard over it. 6 years went by training and studying the ways of a hero. The child gained will power!

The child was 10 year old when he started possessing will power thanks to the evolved education and incredible will powers of the mother and that of his father combined he was able to gain this ability real quick. The child outclassed his fellow classmates so much that he got a test of his abilities. His abilities were so good he could skip 2 years of his class. He joined another group of students with a talented hero in the class called Jake. Jake shared the bloodline of the famous hero called scythe. And was like the child a straight A student. As they both learned new spells and fought each other the child was always just 1 step ahead as they became rivals.

When the child became 12 years old the child and Jake stood up amongst the others they got to do their hero graduation test earlier. As they passed their test the child with an A+ and Jake with an A they both were now officially being called heroes.

As new heroes graduated and went out for missions rumors went that some heroes were getting a bit cold and that the heroes disobeyed the law more and more. And there was even news that people have spotted some heroes talking with necromancers. The hero did send some heroes out of a quest to keep an eye on some heroes and the darker forces within the world. As time went by it was confirmed that some heroes were acting against the law. And one of the spy’s overheard that their trying to resurrect the sword of Aeons and that with the knowledge of the necromancers and the power of a powerful hero it might work.

The hero had created a guild that might have had enough power all together to rebel any revolution against the guild but he also had created a stronger evil forces upon the heroes. he knew which heroes were forming a group of heroes that were seeking for power over himself and the law. They started to disappear from the guild going their own way as evil was not tolerated.

As the child and Jake were completing quests earning money and starting to possess over new skills upon their journey. Jake was send on a mission with a different hero. Jake survived but the other hero got killed because he didn’t obey the law he got drunk and used magic on people which was illegal. So he had to pay a fine. He screamed heroes should get more respect and should be above all of them and instead of paying the fine. The other hero pulled his weapon and killed 6 guards. Jake saw this happening and blamed the guards to fine him for some little magic spells to troll with people. The guild master (the hero) was heading to bowerstone to talk this over.

The child went to talk with his dad about that he had figured out that some people left the guild and that he’s getting dirty looks more often from citizens and that the darker forces are getting stronger. And even heard rumors about heroes helping the darker forces by completing their requests. The hero tells his son that a group of heroes with bad reputation seeking for power formed their own group. And that it would be taken care of. The child offers himself to be send on this mission as he is one the strongest on the field already. But the hero tells the child just to continue training and quest as the hero said he will take care of it himself.

Next mission the child and Jake went on Jake didn’t care about any collateral damage. They had to protect a village from bandits. He killed 1 other citizen by accident and demolished a lot of people their belongings. After the completed mission they both got payed a lot less. because of that reason he killed the one requesting the mission. As the child had to follow the rules as he is being taught by the book he had to execute Jake for that. The child and Jake went into battle. After a while Jake realizes that the child was to powerful for him and Jake fled and never returned to the guild…

The child then does some missions on his own noticing the missions are getting more intents and dangerous when doing it alone. As the quests passes on the child gets his reputation. the child then get the offer to fight in the arena. The arena his dad and his grandmother both passed all the challenges. So the child didn’t refuse the offer and got through all the rounds with a special round to beat in the end. He got to battle a hero that made it through all the rounds just before him! The gate opens as this dark clothed figure walks into the ring. The child instantly knew this was one of the risen dark heroes. The Dark clothed figure takes his hood of revealing who it is… ITS JAKE! The child and Jake fought a hard battle together with Jake spawning the undead to help him. When the child defeated Jake he couldn’t kill him at the end letting Jake to teleport away. The child had to much feelings towards Jake. The child got all the money as he got told if he ever needed more money he should come by more often as people need to be entertained. The child could do challenges to make it harder and so on gain more money for the rounds he gets through.

The child brought the news to the hero making the hero asking really loud: DID YOU SAY UNDEAD? the child responded with yes father. With the hero responding that you both are going to visit nustro. And what he feared was true the undead had risen again. That could only mean that there are powerful evil heroes. After getting coming back to the guild there is a crowd of angry people from bowerstone in front on the guild entrance. Blaming the heroes for the weird activities and complaining some heroes have robbed their banks and even killed of some guards. The hero is going to see the king of the land to explain the story about the group evil heroes. While the child gets the mission to go to hook coast because there is a attack over their by undead creatures. And some evil heroes.

When the child got back he was summoned by the hero with the news that their in war with the evil heroes and that the law is going to launch a full scaled attack on the guild attacking all the heroes if their keep getting complains from evil heroes attacking the cities. Than the hero says I have to tell you something… following up with him saying never mind! I want you to check if there any attacks on the cities right now I know you can handle them. As the child clears undead from 2 cities he comes back to the guild with terrible news.

The hero has been on a mission looking for the enemy’s hide out close to witch wood he believed. The child goes on the mission to rescue his dead as he hasn’t been back for a while. While fighting through the undead the child finds his dad on the ground he tells the evils have resurrected the sword of Aeons and Jake used the sword to wreck him. The hero had his days and wasn’t even near how he strong he was in the past. Before the hero hit the ground he was able to cast away the Avo’s tear and told him there is no time to explain everything he needs to know. The hero tells his child its sealed away in a book only he can open. Its hidden behind the demon door in the guild. Quickly before the hero dies from his wounds he passes the child his family power making the child stronger. The child holds his father until he dies. And then the child goes berserk at the same moment more undead spawn to attack him the child deals with the undead like its nothing.

When the child brought his dads dead body with him and came across his mother in the guild while everyone was shocked. They both felt into tears. After the hero had his funeral the child got crowned guild master. The child took the title and would protect the guild with his life. When that happened it was time to visit the demon door the hero was talking about. The child talked to the demon door with the demon responding rudely go away only the guild master in allowed in here. And then the child showed he was the guild master and told the demon door that his dead told him to get there. The child enters the door into a beautiful area with a book on a pillar. The book has his name on it with a hand seal. He lays his hand on the seal and spells up will power to unlock the book.

The book opens up casting him into another dimension meeting Theresa welcomes the child knowing what time it is and asks the child if he wants everything explained. Theresa tells about his father’s mission how it would destroy the world being to kind and letting things get out of hand by letting heroes follow their own path and not educate them properly to become strong. Now that the heroes are stronger it’s the child his responsibility to justice the heroes that took the wrong path as his father was too weak at his age to do so and died trying. But Theresa also tells the child he can afford to take some time as the guild is the biggest power in Albion at the moment. Because aside he as to take care of Jake the child also has to fulfill his duty as a guild master. Theresa also hands out the spell you need to cast to get the avo’s Tear.

After The child gets back to reality he obtains the Avo’s tear the rival sword against the sword of Aeons Jake possess. When having the sword a apprentice come to the child his mother has a urgent message for him. When he arrives by his mother. The mother sends the child on a quest to get the archon battle armor now he has the Avo’s tear. The mother tells it’s the best combination gear wise for a hero in his position as the child has to face a lot of battles while at the same time he has to be the biggest power in the world. The mother tells the child he will be able to surpass his father’s prime days if he possess both the strongest armor and the weapon in Albion. But the father hid al the 5 pieces all over Albion with a challenged waiting for him piece by piece. As the child had to to his job as a guild leader he was planning on getting al 5 of the items. Knowing he had the hurry as the evil forces grow stronger every day.

If you would like something to add plz also comment the things you like or hate and lets tr to create a Fable together