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Well, since Fable Anniversary is coming out soon I believe it's time we prepare to host some guides about the anniversary edition of the game. Of course a lot of content will be similar to The Lost Chapters (if not left untouched) but I don't think that should shut down anyone who wants to write a new, fresh guide about the game.

So, I will keep this thread to link any tip and guide threads related to Fable Anniversary. If you want the good ol' Fable: The Lost Chapters tips and guides they exist in its subforum.

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I haven't got the game yet but I was wondering if anyone knows where to find all the DLC in game?


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Seems this thread is a Bermudas triangle for people asking for help.

As others have asked before, what is it you need help with?
and how do i get the Skorm Bow in one sacrifice

and what is the best way to get 300,000 gold

this is fable anniversary im playing

and how can i get Avo´s Tear


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can some one help me please i need to know how to get the sword out of the stone
So the sword is your strength multiplied by physique 5 times, health 2 times, and toughness 3 times. So if you want it early, you cant upgrade any physical stats until you try pulling the sword from the stone with your physical stats not upgraded at all. Then after make your physique 5, health 2 and toughness 3 and you got the sword. Otherwise u have to max out your physical stats completely to pull the sword.

This video is a flawless way to get skorms bow.

Easiest way to get 300 grand is to do the arena in one go without any stops to go back inside, and use all your money you won to purchase a house. Completely furnish the house then break down your door. Put your most valuable trophies ( at that time the bandit seal and the arena champion seal) on the wall then sell the house. Go back in take the trophies off the wall then go buy the house. Now go put the trophies back on. Then go sell it again. Rinse and repeat.

Avos tear you get after the jack of blades fight if you choose the good ending instead of the bad one after the boss fight. You find a book in Mazes tower ( again only if you choose the good ending) and it gives you instructions on finding the sword by the graves in the guild courtyard.

You can actually glitch getting the sword of Aeons almost immediately after leaving the guild training though. It requires levelling up assassins rush a bit. This video explains it all