Fable Dragon Ball z


I was wondering if someone could make a texture package for fable tlc with dragon ball z characters.
Like add goku's hair and clothes or a texture as goku super saiyan 4 with the tail, or the dragon ball z armor with and be able to add scouters.
Also what would be cool if someone could create trunks sword and the zeta sword. And if possible add the kamehameha in the near future as a spell.


Werewolf Sage
No offense, but the Fable engine would never ever in any way shape or form be able to handle the epicness of DBZ.


Even if the mod had been created, it would HAVE to be DragonBALL, nothing Z or GT. Anything else wouldn't work. You can't fly in Fable, so DBZ would not work. Even still, the Fable engine can't handle the epic.

TL:DR Fable + DBZ = epic fail.