Fable II freezing on Xbox One


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Is there any help for someone who's having constant freezing? It happens sometimes when I get disconnected from xbox live. The npc's and main character all freeze, everything stops moving other than the effects like shadows and lighting, as well as music and sounds. I have done everything I can think of, but nothing works. I am so upset right now that I bought this game after so many years of wanting to play it again and I can't do a dang thing.


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All Xbox 360 games run through what is essentially a sort-of Xbox Live emulator that requires a full-time internet connection. I do not think any backwards compatible games can run without internet connection for this reason.

If your connection is shaky and prone to random disconnects, any game you play is going to freeze. You'll be able to start it up, but once it loses connection to the Xbox 360 software that the Xbox One runs for old games, it'll crash the game.

Try disconnecting from the internet entirely when you play, although again, I'm not sure old games work at all without internet.