Fable III Top Stats Thread


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This is thread for all of you boasters out there ! Post all your top stats here. You think you have more STD's, Wives and Chicken Kicks than anyone else? Then post your impressive tallies and be the envy of your peers ! :cool:

Whatever you think will impress us, let us know now !

I will personally be on a mission to have as many kids with my spouse as I possibly can, like I did in Fable II. I had 6 with my first wife, 3 boys and 3 girls. And a pretty impressive score in the Crucible (well I thought it was pretty darn good :P):D

Angel did the same thing for Fable II btw and I'd like it to be just as popular with you guys for Fable III ;) Link: http://projectego.net/forums/threads/fable-2-top-stats-thread.11144/


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eep eep eep...as soon as our copy gets through that door I've called first dibs on playing, so I'm going to try and exceed my current Fable II stats as much as possible...


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Ok here's one. I have accumulated 26,700 Gold using the Fable III Kingmaker Smartphone App. Anyone got higher?

Royals: 604 Territories
Rebels: 797 Territories

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You don't need a Windows Mobile ;)

I have an Android phone and i'm using the Kingmaker, my friend has an iPhone and he's also using it =D
Yeah, I realized when I downloaded it onto my Android phone. When U sign up though, it says U need a Windows phone. Dunno why.


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they only thing i can boost about is having a ton of houses&busisnesses (renting them out of course) SOMEONE isssss sssuppeer nice when i was playing while the orbs were around me, anyway that person gave me $100,000 of fable money......then someone gave me $20,000 but sadly i lost the 20,000 because i didn't save after and about an hour later my xbox decided IM GONNA *&^%ing MESS with u and FROOOZE my xbox............only thing i could do was restart it.......actually have been saving more often now, i still get frozen too about every 2-3 hours i really dont know why i have a new elite and i dont play other games besides fable and left for dead series....