Fable Mod Ideas?


I'm interested in learning what mod ideas excite our community.

Things like marrying our favorite npcs, having new buyable homes or adding in outside references (I modded in some Poke'mon and Final Fantasy stuff myself). What mods have you liked best or always wanted to see/try?


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I loved the Dragon Island mod that adds a brand new area, some new Weapons and Items. Other projects I keep an eye on are ones that try to recreate Project Ego. I’m fascinated by all the unused content on Fable and would have loved to see something that’s based around that.


Comedic Tragedy
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There were three of us at different times trying to make a playable female hero, because it can work. I didn't know enough about animations or skin weighting and I didn't want to 3d model in the holes. I learned the most about Fable modding that way. My next project was to make a 3rd person play through as a nymph summoner, i got far but again I could never seem to get it to publish, to many bugs.