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Feign Attack book & High Rollers Coat

Discussion in 'Fable II Marketplace' started by CheTralfara, Jan 31, 2018.

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  1. CheTralfara

    CheTralfara New Member

    Hi everyone, I am trying to collect the following rare items. XBL Gamertag = CheTralfara

    - Feign Attack Expression Book (The Counterfeit Warrior) <- I would be satisfied with JUST this! My top priority.

    - High Rollers Coat

    and, not important but if you have it:

    - Exclusive Tribal tattoos
    - Exclusive Lionhead tattoos

    THANK YOU! If someone can gift the feign attack expression book to me, my playthrough will be so much better.

    Please PM me on XBL if you can help!
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