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FMMOG Hunter: 1

Discussion in 'Greatwood Park' started by Rad, Jan 15, 2010.

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  1. Rad

    Rad Old Name: Zencidal Legendary Hero

    FMMOG Hunter: 1

    What is FMMOG Hunter? Well I'm here to take the time to help others who have trouble find a Free Massively Multiplayer Online Game or for people who are interested in trying a new game, These are like mini reports that I might do daily or weekly and are only based on Free Online PC Games, But don't expect to see things like RuneScape Or MapleStory, I want to go for the uncommon.

    S4 League.

    If you're not interested in a MMORPG, but like 3rd Person Shooters with a bit of melee combat and RPG elements, then S4 League might work.

    It feels like a Mix of Kindgom Hearts, No More Heroes and Phantasy Star Universe,,

    With unique skills and Weapons to help you dominate you're opponent, this game is surely fun.

    The Game Includes 3 Current Modes,

    Death Match: You are placed in teams of red vs blue to kill the other players, no explanation needed.

    Touch Down:
    Similar to capture the flag in other games, you are trying to get the ball before the other team and score it into their goal for points.

    Chaser: You are either the hunter or the hunted, the chaser is out to kill everyone, it's a challenge to stay alive until l the the time hits 0 and when you are the chaser, you wanted to kill everything that moves.




    Play The Game At:


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