Geography question


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We know that Albion is based of the United Kingdom. so we can assume that Knothole Glade is Ireland. but i am confused as to which is iceland and which is greenland. Hook coast could be iceland and Snowspire could be Greenland, but i'm not sure which is which, because both iceland and Greenland have volcanoes. I promise that my intentions are well and that i'm not going to dive into a volcano after masks.


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Knothole Glade and Hook Coast are too small and too close to Albion's mainland to be based off of Ireland or Iceland. Maybe the Northern Wastes could be based off of Iceland, but it's still a little too small and a little too close. There's no way in hell Greenland is involved though. It's definitely way too far away. It likes to chill with Canada instead of Europe.


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well i say they were besed of the known islands. remember that they didn't have a good map until tyhe 1500's and this is around the thirteenth century


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I'm not sure if this is going to help but maybe the things inside Snowspire and Hook Coast could make a difference. Like maybe the Oracle.