Hello, my wonderful friends.

Saint Maxfire

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Hello, my friends! This is my first post that I was going to introduce myself.

My name is Robert, and I've been through many trials, challenges, and hardships in my life from elementary school to high school and I was still in college working on my business degree since I got the associates degree from community college. I was obsessed with making choices in video games and being myself a really good person that I've spent a long time to act as a true hero in video games and acting like a perfect angel in real life. I'm a gamer, a fighter, a storymaker, and a law-obedient person in my life. And since my current weakness, I was very autistic and delusional that I used to talk to my imaginary friends and act out imaginary things and act out to imaginary things that I felt like what I'm seeing that the other people don't see. This is why I was a very weird person when I was a kid through my teenage years and up to my adulthood.

I was willing to tell stories about my actual heroes from Fable to Fable III. I played the Fable Anniversary and it was my favorite fable game of all time. Also, I was willing for make new friends in Fable II and Fable III in online whoever wants to help me get an achievement for all the hard work I've spent. This is how I was planning to do this for a long time.