Hello there! (Introduction of ... me :D!)


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Hello everyone! You can just call me Clain, not my real name but what I go by on forums these days.
Not really much about me other than I have a interest in Fable.
I played all of them except for the Fable Journey since it was on kinect and I didn't have one. I also got a chance to play Fable Legends.
Out of all the Fable's my favorite, story-wise, is probably the first still.
I loved Oakvale and the Guild, so I probably have too many feelings for the first so it will always be my number 1 game.

Anyway~ I joined this forum today because I heard about Fable 4 and I'm so excited, so I wanted to see if others were excited too and basically just talk about Fable and what is to come for the series.

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Welcome and nice to have you here, we are all eagerly awaiting news on Fable IV also.


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Welcome, exciting to see where they will go with Fable now.