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Help me with Jack Of The Blades

Discussion in 'Fable: The Lost Chapters' started by Fable TLC, Jul 22, 2011.

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  1. Fable TLC

    Fable TLC New Member

    Hello I'm new and I am planning on making a jack of the Blades respect thread since I've been on various forums and seen Jack Of The Blades lose a few battles due to lack of information I am going to post some stuff about him information about him is sketchy but compare him to other characters he's pretty powerful, they'll be called fable facts and I'll post more.

    Fable Fact 1: Jack Of The Blades has mountain durability

    Reason: William Black fought the queen of blades for weeks and they both mountain busted for weeks, before william fought the queen, jack fought william till his body broke

    Fable Fact 2: With out the sword of aeons Jack is believed to have the strength of ten heros which means it's possible that he is 10x times stronger than the hero of oakvale

    Fable Fact 3: Jack is either a mid level demi god or high level demon

    Reason: even jack admitted he was above the gods and demons albion worshiped.

    Fable Fact 4: Jack has 1/3 of the power of the court

    Reason: It took three members to lift the sea into the sky and flood albion, burn the ground till it was black, and mind rape an entire country, Jack was the seconds strongest member, we can safely assume he has 1/3 of the power.

    Fable Fact 5: Jack has mountain busting strength with the sword of aeons

    Reason: William a mere mortal with the sword of aeons was able to take mountain busting attacks as well as dish them out, Jack a mid level demi-god or very High level demon will further get his powers amplified by the sword.

    Fable Fact 6: Jack is thousands upon thousands of years old

    Reason: since in his dragon phase he said he existed for millenia there are 1000 years in a Millennium. Millennia is the plural of Millennium, so it depends on how many Millennia you are talking about.
    Please tell me if my fable facts are inaccurate.
  2. Arc Caster

    Arc Caster Sarcastic Slacker

    Understand, though, that the great Viper lead the Guild of Heroes against Jack after Jack led the villagers into battle against the remaining heroes, shortly after their trip to Samarkand. (The entire account is shrouded in mystery, suffice it to say) He was finally defeated by the combined efforts of 6 brave heroes, Viper, and a mess of sloppy storytelling over 30 pages of conflicting posts. Bottom line, He dead, I no respect dead. :D
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  3. Daniel Ray

    Daniel Ray The Wizard From The East

    FableTLC, this is actually a story of Arc Caster. Its a fan fiction story, and a good one too! But its not real info...

    Agreed. Jack is no more...
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  5. r5v3n

    r5v3n Indifferent Member

    Those gods and demons (Avo and Skorm, respectively though I dont respect them) are just false deities invented by a brutal Trader who discovered two spots where Will power was unusually strong. One area emitted Will that pacifies hearts and minds and cures injuries (where the Temple of Avo was built) the other are gave off an aura of Will that turns anyone in the vicinity into a heartless and aggressive person (where the Chapel of Skorm was erected). That is why the Jack is aboce them; because they are just fallacies invented by the greed of a Trader.
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