How many kids are you allowed to have?


Right now I have 2 kids, I just tried adopting a 3rd kid but it told me that I wasn't allowed. So now I just got it on with my husband (Elliot) and we haven't had our 3rd yet.

Is 2 the limit? I remember having about 4 in Fable 2.


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I think so too also.
I've had my second kid on the game and tried adopting another child (girl) in the game..
And picked the same house as the other kids, but didn't seem to let me..
Who knows.. Just try a couple more times, and IF that doesn't work .. Then you know why ^^;
I don't have that much knowledge on that stuff, since I cannot grab my husbands hand anymore.
Due to the fact that it only says "accept" by the male. BEH
But Like I said you could try once more and see what happens or just a couple more times.

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I have 5 children on my King game. The thing is that each house can only have a certain amount of children in it. The castle only has 3 kid beds, so you can only have 3 kids. After that you have to pick another family house and it hires a nanny for you. I'm not sure if it hires a nanny for a regular marriage. I was married to my girlfriend's character (on the same xbox) so she wasn't in my game. I got two nannies, one for the castle and one for the house in Brightwall.


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I have 5 children on my King game. The thing is that each house can only have a certain amount of children in it. The castle only has 3 kid beds, so you can only have 3 kids.
Wrong-o. Only two kids per household. Even the castle. I had two kids in the castle and they wouldn't let me adopt the third child there so I had to move her to Brightwall. The three beds were a LIE!

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Actually the truth is that you can have as many as you want, you just need to know how to do it. I am going to make a youtube video because I actually have 37 children to 1 female lover. It took me over 70-80 times of sex, but still i got it.

I have my family all at my cool house in Mistpeak Valley, and I must admit, I dread going back home now. I had 2 divorces earlier, so now I just gotta work out how to get those 2 kids back from the orphanage.

This weblink will prove to you that there is technically an unlimited amount of kids you can have, it's just that the more kids you have, it take a lot more work and time to get another. So you can get 3 kids the 1st time of sex with a partner if your lucky as i did, but then it took me 8 tries to get my 4th and over 10 for my 5th, then it took 2 more tries for my 6th so it increases. but sometimes you will get lucky.
You can have as many kids as you want with diffrent wife's

Else it depend on what house you live in, lets say the Castle there you can have at least 3 (i have 3 there so far) and maybe 4 im not sure but 3 is okay for 1 wife XD


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Most houses hold two children maximum except for the Castle which should hold three. I have four kids but I had to buy two houses (and seeing as how Elliot now hates me) the game gave me a Nanny for every two kids.

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Wrong on a few accounts at least. My sister adopted the entire orphanage of adoptable children; 8; and they all lived in the same home; Her castle. They each had a nanny, as well, since she had no spouse living in the castle.

Thus far, I seem to be getting a single boy, and a single girl, with each spouse. And one of my spouses, my only same-sex one, with our adopted son Elder Wayne, has disappeared. Can't divorce her, can't see or find her or the child. :\


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You can have multiple kids, the easiest way to get kids is by going to Bowerstone industrial, there you can go to the orphanage and adopt/buy kids. It costs 500g.