In the Shadow of Legends


Illogical Process of Elimination
His name is Daniel,
And he comes from so far.
This place, how he hates!
Though his love is on par.

The law he upholds,
From behind his gold shield.
In his beliefs he keeps faith,
Never willing to yield.

His daughter he follows,
To such distant lands.
Always steadfast her guardian,
His feet digging into the sand.

Tongue like a whip,
And a heart forged in pyre.
With wit so unmatched,
But by a SEAL, most dire.

This SEAL is called Steve,
And his eyes, how they’re haunted.
Though he respects this small man,
SEALs cannot be taunted.

His father just taken,
By a monger of war.
It is justice he seeks,
Rage searing his core.

These two, how they dance,
How they clash, how they fight.
But their backs they protect,
Always doing what’s right.

Bonds of friendship soon built,
Hidden behind harsh words.
This unity unwavering,
But still easily heard.

Sentinels they became,
With complete trust in the other.
Their foes easily vanquished,
By these men, now brothers.

By Tyloric
--Based on the TV series Hawaii Five-0