JohnDoe's ranged weapons V1


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Re: JohnDoe's ranged weapons V1

I can not open this. I tried Winzip then 7zip. I get:
"The Winzip Wizard cannot open this file; it does not appear to be a valid archive..."
It may just be me, but maybe not.


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Re: JohnDoe's ranged weapons V1

I still did not get the zip file to work, same error, but I got the fmps from FTLCModScene. I have used the cannon so far. It works great, very nice weapon. Thanks for creating and sharing.
I tried the Doomsday as well now, works great.

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Re: JohnDoe's ranged weapons V1

for some reason, every time i try to load either of the FMP's, i get two error messages...
#1: Object referance not set to an instance of an object
#2: attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt.

and i also get a message while opening the FMP that says: Could not find file 'C:\Documents and Settings\Me\Local Settings\temp\Rar$DI00.641\def.xml'.

can any1 tell me if its my computer or if its the fmp's or what?


Re: JohnDoe's ranged weapons V1

Looks cool, but do anyone know where I can find those awesome staffs, I guess they are over at Fable TLC somewhere but I'm too lazy to look for myself :P