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Re: King of Chaos' Shop of Everything

I need a chicken suit. Can you get one? I have 7 million and some legendary weapons.


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Re: King of Chaos' Shop of Everything

How much for the doll set? Would 15 mil suffice?


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Re: King of Chaos' Shop of Everything

I need a Lucien doll to complete my set.
I also need a chicken suit, a Hat, Headband, Mustache book, and a Feign Attack book.
(I know you said you're out of most of those, but you also said you'd be getting more merch, so I figure it's worth mentioning.)

I'll offer pretty much whatever you want.
I don't know what you'd suggest.


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Ok I'm looking for:
Highrollers coat
All dolls
Potion of gender

I'll pay like 600 mil and here's the best part. I'll give it all back minutes later :)
Gt: x Zane o
Let's work a deal. I can do more gold if needed.


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Hey all sorry I been away for a while... would anyone want me to try and re-open my store? I realized by now Fable 3 is out thus less demand and what not, but if there is still a demand for these fable 2 items I'll be more than glad to try and make this happen again. I also want to try and open a Fable 3 store although I'm going to need to research this a little first. Would anyone want me to try to get this going again or should I just keep it dead?


And what an impression you've made. :D
Get this going. I know a lot of people desperate for the chicken suit (myself included).


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Hey how much for a Highrollers Coat contact me my gamertag is L4ughingHurts please contact me!


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And maybe a Rammer but keep in mind i suck at getting money and hate being corrupt but i will trade pretty much anything and whatever gold is on my other two accounts, wich i believe have plenty of $$$$$$$$$!