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List of Websites to Share/Post News From.

Discussion in 'Bard's Corner' started by Gikoku Harakami, Feb 25, 2011.

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  1. Gikoku

    Gikoku is doing Queen. Staff Member

    Wanted to make this thread for awhile now, but kept forgetting. Noticed there are others who enjoy sharing the general gaming news around here, and personally I love the idea of more people posting news on the forums. So this thread is to help aid those who are looking for places to get their news from, especially those who only know of only one or two websites, as not one gaming news site is capable of reporting every little bit of news (there's lots of news out there that gets overlooked by many sites).


    Below are a list of sites I've used over the years here to share news with. The following websites are not listed in any specific order at all.

    1. GreyViper

    2. Joystiq

    3. Game Informer

    4. Kotaku

    5. NOWGamer

    6. Shack News

    7. Game Daily

    8. 1UP

    9. VG24/7

    10. TheSixthAxis

    11. Games.on.net

    12. VideoGamer

    13. EuroGamer

    14. Games Radar

    15. MCV

    16. SCRAWLfx

    17. CVG

    18. IGN

    19. GamePro

    20. GameSpot

    21. Next-Gen/EDGE Magazine

    22. GiantBomb

    Remember to always link back to the source if able. For more on the rules of posting news articles, please click here.

    If you know of any other news sites, feel free to share them.
  2. cheezMcNASTY

    cheezMcNASTY Edible in some countries Legendary Hero

    My RSS Feed: A Challenger Appears!
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