Miscellanous Armour and Weapons


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Hello one, all and others.

This is my new mod compilation, featuring mostly re-textures (As they're the most handy to install and remove) as well as a few mesh changes. Pictures of all Items can be found near the bottom of this Thread.
My current list of Modifications in these Fmps are:

The Steel Saw - A new weapon which replaces the steel mace, If this causes any problems I can create a new Weapon, though it may take a while.

The Fish-Finder - A replacement of the oak longbow, This weapon shoots out fish of varying size and weight, which can stick to objects and be stolen from their landing location.

(Next weapon is not recommended for anyone who just dosen't like decapitated heads)

The Head-Shot - Another bow replacement, this time for the ebony longbow, this weapon shoots out (Obviously) decapitated heads which fully interact with the environment, with bouncing and the ability for the player to kick them.

Burning Iron Longword - Despite the name, the weapon is not actually on fire, it is just a simple flame retexture for the iron longsword.

Burning Apprentice Outfit - Again, not really on fire. A flame retexture for the hooded and non-hooded apprentice outfit.

Chrome-ish/Stone-ish Apprentice Outfit - A retexture for the apprentice outfit which pretty much looks like chrome... Or stone...

Pictures (From left to right in order of List) These have been shrinked to minimize loading. Click on the picture to enlarge.

View attachment 477View attachment 478View attachment 479View attachment 480View attachment 481View attachment 482

If there are any problems simply leave a comment or send me a message and I'll get back to you when I can, Enjoy =)


99% Toxin Free!
Sorry, messed up with the pictures, simply click on the link for the picture you want to view. Okay, Now my pictures aren't working what-so-ever. Waste of time I guess. I'll try and put them back up later.


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Cool, I might include that in my remodel of the fable game. Good job.
Nice to see the mod section picking up a little bit. It does need a bit of a cleanup.


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I'll put the pictures back up again. I think I deleted my older photos, I have no idea where they went so I'll have to make do with these slightly random versions. Scratch that idea, I can't seem to upload my pictures... I don't know why... but I can't. Does anyone know how to upload pictures in an edit, I've kind of forgotten...