Mourningwood Mortar Minigame Prizes [SPOILERS]

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So, once you get a bit into the storyline, you can repeat the Mourningwood Mortar minigame. You have to buy the fort first, though.

I'm just wondering what all the prizes everyone got are?

So far, the prizes I've got are:

General Rank: Souldrinker, Ben Finn Portrait, Major Swift Portrait, Rare Ruby


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I got the high score as soon as possible. My prize was "a pair of really sharp scissors" lol. It was my best weapon for a while, but I eventually replaced it


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I got that^ in Sunset House. I kind of chuckled when I first read the name as well as raised an eyebrow >)

I've gotten an Amethyst and an Old Suit of Armor...or Rusty Suit of's big and brown.


Obviously a lengendary weapon, but i have also recieved gems, rare gems,furniture, potions, varity of furniture, a dog book ohh and did I mention furniture


i got the typo hammer, a rare diamond, and i think a portait of swift.

i love jammy though, his voice actor jason manford is an awesome comedian.


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so from what i see the legendary weapon is random? makes me wanna make a new game to see what i get. Getting bummed that all i keep finding outta random loot/shop items is evil weapons >.< TRYING to go with a good char...but the annoying populous of albion makes it a tad difficult at times :devil:

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I've only played it once and got Thunderblade for getting over 2000. Didn't even realize I could get more stuff for playing again.
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