murgos dyes and hero dolls


ive just started fable 2 again because ive completed fable 3 100% with every achievement, so i thought i might have ago at all the fable 2 acheivements. would someone please be able to trade me all the hero dolls and murgo dyes if you have them, i will give them straight back after. i just need the 2 acheivements


thanks, the only dye i need is the strawberry blonde one because the glitch wont work for me and i keep getting 1984 points =P. I dont have a mic at the moment so youl just have trade it and il give it right back after.c =)


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I'm doing the same thing. I just started playing Fable 2 again because I bought Fable 3, but now I don't want to even start Fable 3 until I get the rest of the achievements. Either of you have extra dolls? Right now I only have Theresa and the generic Hero doll. I also need a few dyes (I have Well Red, Gory Glory, Cursed Grey, Wisp White) and a couple of Murgo models (I have 7). If you can trade me for gold coins or anything you might need, just add me. Gamertag is ktinasaurus. Thanks!!!

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Well I think I should officially state that murgo dyes are untradeable as they are dlc, but if anyone needs help finding dyes or statues I'll do what I can. As for dolls I have one Theresa and an endless supply of Luciens. I'll trade Lucien dolls for any others.