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My First Mod "Empowered Skills" for Fable - The Lost Chapters only

Discussion in 'Fable Mods (Releases)' started by haiimboss, Apr 30, 2013.

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  1. haiimboss

    haiimboss New Member

    Hello guys this is my first mod for Fable - The Lost Chapters Only and i want to share it.
    The name of My mod is "Empowered Skills"
    Maximum level of skills is only 4.
    Enjoy! :)
    Affected Skills:
    Assasins Rush
    Multi Arrow
    Multi Strike
    Heal Life
    Divine Wrath
    Some Pics:

    Im standing right here

    Assasins Rush distance increase 5m per level

    Berserk is more bigger

    Multi Arrow arrows increase by 25 per level

    My Multi Arrow level is 2 so its only 50 arrows

    Multi Strike increase 5 strike per level

    Heal Life can heal ur hp to full even that you only have 1hp

    Divine Wrath Increase duration by 5 per level

    How to Install:
    1. Download Fable Explorer (if you already have this skip this step and proceed to step 2)
    2. Open Fable Explorer
    3. Click file and Click Load fmp
    4. Select Empowered skills.fmp
    5. Click Actions
    6. Click Save and Run Fable
    7. Wait till Fable TLC Launch
    8. Play and Enjoy :)
    Im sorry for spamming the thread. Peace :).

    Download Fable Explorer

    Download this Mod

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