Nanny and Children not recognizing Family Upkeep


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I don't know if this is a bug or not. When i adopted my child and sent her living with a nanny, both of them did not recognize that they were "rich" so to say (my upkeep for them is 1000). They kept complaining about how little money they had to survive. However, i still lose 1000 gold coins when a day passes. Has that happened to anyone else? It doesn´t happen with my biological kids, who recognize (along with my spouse) that they are rich (or poor)... but nannies and adopted children have this bug.... how can i solve it?

Dark Drakan

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Not same issue but this was a bug with nannies and adopted children and might have similar effect to cause problem you are having and this too. I will continue to search to see if I can find anything closer to your issue.


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I have the same problem! I figured that they were just being greedy and my kids were spoiled lol. I just let it go. Im new here btw so hi everybody!