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New Hero: Verse

Discussion in 'Fable Legends' started by Dark Drakan, Jul 16, 2015.

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  1. Dark Drakan

    Dark Drakan Administrator Staff Member Guildmaster Legendary Hero


    Verse is a hybrid class, part Assault and part Controller. She is able to manipulate the very fabric of time using her magical lute to slow her enemies, their projectiles or even her allies’ cooldowns! Those playing Verse should use her excellent mobility to maximise her damage.

    Slowing enemies will allow Verse to position herself behind enemies to perform a Backstab for additional damage, while Counterpoint enables her to quickly switch to a different part of the arena to gain the upper hand in combat!

    Her powerful ‘Lute Smash’ ability is one of the most damaging attacks in the game, but requires the time and space to charge up.

    In addition to her aggressive abilities, Verse can also provide assistance to her team; protecting them from projectile attacks, slowing enemies and enabling allies to cast abilities more often. The best Verse players will understand the delicate balance between being selfish and selfless.


    Repeat presses of the Right Trigger cause Verse to successively strike her enemies with her magical lute. In addition to dealing damage she will additionally apply a small amount of torpor to the target, slowing its actions. This effect can be built up but diminishes quickly if you don’t continue to hit the target.


    Holding down the Left Trigger will cause Verse to draw the lute back over her shoulder, gradually charging it with energy. Upon release she’ll take an almighty swing, dealing damage the enemy which will scale depending on how long LT was held for. At full charge, Lute Smash will knock enemies off their feet and deal substantial damage. This ability will use mana while charging.
    Tip: You need time to charge this ability, so it’s best used on slowed enemies!


    Pressing the Left Bumper will cause Verse to tumble in the player’s stick direction to avoid incoming danger.


    Pressing the ability button and the left stick towards a target causes Verse’s magical wooden arm to extend and grab her target, pulling her toward it. Not only will Verse be quickly drawn to the target, she’ll also strike the enemy, dealing melee damage and knocking it off its feet. This ability costs mana to cast.
    Tip: This ability has a lot of additional utility, it can be used to traverse up ledges, across chasms, gain access to an objective or to escape from danger. It’s more than a simple attack!


    Pressing the ability button will cause Verse to generate a magical orb at her position in the world. The first ally to collecct the orb will have the cooldown on all of their abilities lowered. Verse can cast up to 5 orbs per arena and the ability will cost mana to cast.
    Tip: Good communication is key! Try to respond to your allies’ needs and help those with longer cooldowns, such as Winter.


    Pressing the ability button causes Verse to strum her lute, warping the fabric of time around her. Any enemies and projectiles that enter this bubble of warped time will be slowed down!

    This ability costs mana to cast.
    Tip: This ability is great to use to gain the upper hand in melee combat, but also to protect yourself and allies from projectile attacks.
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